Registered Nurse - Full-time Contract 1 year

As a key member of the North Peel Family Health Team (NPFHT), the Registered Nurse (RN) will deliver nursing care in accordance with NPFHT policies and professional practice standards, and according to regulations set out by the College of Nurses of Ontario. The RN will perform routine nursing duties and ensure that the nursing needs of NPFHT patients and physicians are met.

This is a one year full-time contract position with pontential to become a permanent position if expansion plans are approved.

The Registered Nurse’s primary role is to work in partnership with NPFHT Physicians and other health care providers/ support staff to perform patient care. According to The Nursing Act, the Nursing Scope of Practice Statement states that nursing is the promotion of health and the assessment of, the provision of, care for, and the treatment of, health conditions by supportive, preventive, therapeutic, palliative and rehabilitative means in order to attain or maintain optimal function. (Nursing Act, 1991)



  • The Registered Nurse (RN) reports to, and is responsible to, the Executive Director. All clinical decision making outside the scope of the Registered Nurse must be done in consultation of the NPFHT Lead Physician and/or physicians of NPFHT and/or medical directives.



  • Does not direct the activities of staff or a function without direction of FHO decision makers. The RN must comply with the nursing practice standards used by the College of Nurses of Ontario.


Roles and Responsibilities:


  • Assess patient health care needs (physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual) to identify appropriate nursing interventions;
  • Analyze findings of a health assessment and take appropriate actions as required;
  • Interpret patient health records/results;
  • Monitor, record and report symptoms and changes in patients’ conditions;
  • Collect data through a therapeutic relationship with a patient.


  • Determine the appropriate service or treatment, the appropriate care provider or the appropriate equipment;
  • Administer medications and treatments as prescribed by a physician or according to established policies and procedures;
  • Provide nursing care and treatment for health problems.


  • Help patients to identify and use health resources, including those available in the community and from community agencies;
  • Involve patients in decisions about their own health;
  • Encourage patients to take action for their own health;
  • Initiate health education and other activities that assist, promote and support patients as they strive to achieve the highest possible level of health;
  • Develop learning resources for nurses and other health care providers;
  • Develop and deliver health education programs for patients or communities.






  • Collaborate with members of the health care team to plan, implement, coordinate and evaluate patient care in consultation with patients and their families;
  • Consult and interact with other service providers such as laboratory and radiology services.


  • Coordinate and expedite patient flow by triage;
  • Handle patient phone calls, provide telephone advice, and arrange for follow-up appointments as necessary;
  • Collect accurate and comprehensive patient-related information and document on clinical management system;
  • Operate and monitor medical apparatus or equipment, and ensure strict adherence to sterilization procedures;
  • Handle and dispose of specimens and/or objects, and practice general safety procedures at all times;
  • Monitor supply levels and/or expiration of vaccines, medical and clinic supplies and order supplies as needed from approved vendors;


Interprofessional Collaboration:

  • Develop and hone collaborative community relationships to facilitate patient access to services upon physician/health care team request;
  • Communicate ideas or concerns to the health care team. Participate in problem solving to enhance patient care;
  • Assist in the training and development of new staff.


Practice Environment:

  • Use of personal protective equipment with all patients;
  • Ensure appropriate storage and expiry date of immunizations;
  • Ensure emergency medications (e.g. epinephrine or Benadryl) are current and accessible;
  • Maintain clean, orderly and well stocked inventory of medical supplies and assist with stocking examination rooms when needed;
  • Assist with other related duties as required.



  • Successful completion of a University Degree (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) or completion of an approved Registered Nursing Program with two or three years of clinical experience
  • Must possess a license in good standing with the College Nurses of Ontario as a Registered Nurse;
  • Two years experience in a primary health care setting preferred.



  • Demonstrated ability in utilizing the nursing process in planning, implementing and evaluating patient care;
  • Knowledge and proficiency in current, evidence-based methods and practices of primary care delivery, with an emphasis on health promotion and risk reduction;
  • Leadership, organization, research, evaluation, time management, communication and interpersonal skills;
  • Demonstrated ability in problem solving using sound judgment and critical thinking;
  • Strong organizational, interpersonal and communication skills;
  • Ability to prioritize, manage time effectively and be flexible in a very active constantly changing work environment which includes being flexible to work daytime and evening hours;
  • Proficiency in the use of the computers and information technology is required including the use of electronic medical records.