Implementation Science Manager, Mental Health & Addiction

Implementation Science Manager, Mental Health & Addiction

The primary function of the Implementation Science Manager - Mental Health and Addiction is to facilitate the development, implementation and evaluation of knowledge transfer activities and special projects funded by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC), and other funders. The role will focus on the application of implementation science principles when working at the individual, organizational and system levels. 


  • Lead the development, implementation, and evaluation of knowledge transfer strategies, programs and professional development offerings targeted to individuals, groups and organizations.
  • Work with internal and external stakeholders and vendors in developing education and knowledge transfer tools, programs and curricula relevant to mental health and addiction.
  • Collaborate with, and provide guidance and direction to, Project Coordinators to plan and execute portfolio deliverables, which may include small and large group professional development and knowledge transfer events (in person and virtual)  informed by BPGs.
  • Facilitate small and large group professional development offerings, either independently or with a co-facilitator.
  • Establish and engage in consultation activities with key stakeholders and establish partnerships to support mental health and addiction best practices. 
  • Lead the “request for proposal” process of various components of implementation projects, and take responsibility for planned deliverables for such proposals.
  • Contribute to activities related to the implementation, evaluation, research and dissemination phases of the overall IABPG Centre work and other MOHLTC or related projects, as required.
  • Contribute to  the development, marketing, communication, and education related activities of all MOHLTC and other funded projects, as required, 
  • Contribute to the development of funding proposals in collaboration with the Director or Associate Director(s).
  • Work with the Director, Associate Director(s) and other staff to identify and develop policy papers and public friendly tools related to the undertaking and impact of the IABPG Centre.
  • Develop and submit abstracts for presentation, publications and other formal academic/scholarly  activities.
  • Contribute to annual performance reviews of Project Coordinators and liaise with Director or Associate Director(s) as required to create a work environment that fosters competence and professional growth of employees in the IABPG Centre.  



  • Registered Nurse with current registration with College of Nurses of Ontario. 
  • Masters degree in nursing or related field and a minimum of five years’ related experience in service, academia and/or research, with relevant mental health and addiction experience.   
  • Judgement required to resolve unusual or sensitive inquiries and negotiate with stakeholders to achieve desired outcomes. 
  • Political acumen to represent RNAO at MOHLTC committees and other forums. 
  • Ability to operate a computer and use a variety of software programs.
  • Excellent communication skills - written and verbal - to prepare reports, proposals, correspondence and answer email/telephone inquiries. 
  • Excellent interpersonal skills to engage and work with staff and external stakeholders to receive and provide information and assist with problem solving. 
  • Knowledge and skill in planning and facilitating learning events and programs targeted to small and large groups, in person and virtual, including curriculum development, delivery and evaluation
  • Ability to work independently or with teams including internal and external stakeholders.
  • Strong program management skills, which include the ability to utilize project management software, prioritize, organize workload, work independently, be accurate and meet deadlines.


  • Work flow requires meeting regular deadlines that may require an increase in speed, re-prioritizing the workload and meeting multiple demands. 
  • Concentration is required for short and long periods of time to read research and other information, prepare documents for publication, and prepare reports related to outcomes and deliverables.  
  • Retain highest degree of privacy of information received. 
  • Sight, touch and hearing are used to prepare correspondence and answer telephone inquiries.
  • Sitting at the computer is required regularly, as well as walking, standing and operating equipment to perform the duties of the job.
  • Travel, including air travel, may be required related to dissemination activities and project work. 



  • Works in a climate-controlled office with minimal exposure to lack of privacy, noise, distractions/interruptions, or stress from multiple demands.
  • Typical conditions are such that no risk of injury is present.
  • Some travel is required


If you are interested, please send a Cover Letter and Resume to and include Implementation Science Manager, MHA in the subject line.


We thank you for your application and qualified candidates will be contacted.