Overnight Camp Nurse Needed - July 18-August 1

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Camp Tamarack is a co-ed overnight camp in Muskoka. We are hiring an RN or RPN to live on site and work in the health care team for the camp from July 18-August 1, 2021. There are approximately 175 campers and 100 staff. The campers range in age from 7-16 years of age. The Health Care team consists of a Doctor, Nurse and 2 student nurses. The nurse will have private living quarters with private washroom and shower. The nurse would live on site and have access to all the Camp facilities eg, waterfront, sports, arts. Free room, board and laundry

Roles & Responsibilites include:

·         Ensuring that the health centre is organized, properly set up and that all necessary supplies are available.

·         Aiding in the review of questionnaire answers given to campers on bus ride up

·         Ensuring that all campers and staff have handed in medical forms with important information completed.

·         Looking through the camper and staff health forms and being aware of the various medical conditions throughout camp

·         Maintaining accurate records of visits to the health centre with the help of the other medical staff

·         Open and direct communications with Camp Directors and all other staff

·         Ensuring that at least one member of the medical team is always on site and available for any emergencies that may arise

·         Ensuring that they can be contacted at any time by carrying a walkie talkie

·         Being involved in camp activities as desired

·         Ensuring that any camper and/or staff under the Camp nursing care is being taken care of appropriately and are not impeding on the quality of care for the campers and staff.

·         Ensuring daily routines are carried out

·         Create lists are created for daily meds (who, when, what, amount)

·         Being aware and staying on top of which campers are leaving and coming

·         Ensuring the correct updated lists of cabins, campers and staff are given to Health Centre on specific dates prior to change over

·         Ensure necessary anaphylactic details re: campers and staff are identified and posted

·         Communication/follow-up with families are carried out when needed

·         Ensuring Health Centre is locked when no one present

·         Oversees and takes care of any campers and/or staff that may have to stay in the Health Centre during the day or over night

·         Sleeps in the Health Centre in nursing private quarters

·         Ensure that sun and hydration and general hygiene is enforced

·         Meet with necessary staff re: camper medical needs

·         Makes daily rounds during non-clinic hours

·         Acts in the role of direct supervisor to the HCPs

Ø  Weekly team meeting with the Camp Director designate

Ø  Head of the Centre is the Nurse

Ø  Ensures there is a transition meeting with new Doctor and Nurse during the change-over date