Clinical Nurse Manager – Recovery Hotel program

Job Description

Job Title:         Clinical Nurse Manager – Recovery Hotel program

Hours:              Full Time, variable shifts (up to 44 hours/week)

Reports to:      Director of Clinical Services


Inner City Health Associates (ICHA) is group of more than 100 physicians working in over 50 shelters and drop-ins across Toronto. ICHA provides transitional primary care, psychiatric and palliative care to those who do not otherwise have access to care. We serve people living on the street and in shelters as well as those who are precariously housed. ICHA is very pleased to be expanding its interprofessional team to include nursing, other community-based care providers and peer support workers to offer enhanced client supports. Many of ICHA’s clients have complex health needs including untreated chronic and complex multi-system diseases, an elevated risk of acute health emergencies, and serious and persistent mental illness and substance use.

Role Description

The ICHA Clinical Nurse Manager will work with the ICHA Director of Clinical Services to establish and provide direct supervision and support to a team of nurses to provide clinical support to individuals and families experiencing homelessness who are sheltered temporarily in the COVID Recovery Hotel program. In this site, the nursing team provides clinical care to individuals and families experiencing homelessness using a holistic, client-centred model of care with an emphasis on harm reduction, psychosocial supports and crisis de-escalation. Nurses will use their knowledge, skill and judgment to assess and care for clients who may present with complex health conditions such as unmanaged chronic disease, infectious diseases, skin conditions and wounds, mental illness and substance use issues.

The ICHA Clinical Nurse Manager reports to the ICHA Director of Clinical Services and works collaboratively with ICHA Director of Operations, ICHA Medical Directors, ICHA Clinical Coordinator and ICHA Physicians to establish and develop a robust nursing model of care delivery and comprehensive client care and supports. The ICHA Clinical Nurse Manager participates in the recruitment, onboarding, scheduling, training, and performance assessment of nurses, including collaborating with the ICHA Director of Clinical Services in the immediate identification and remediation of performance issues when necessary. The ICHA Clinical Nurse Manager mentors and supports ICHA nurses to provide holistic, client-centred care. The ICHA Clinical Nurse Manager collaborates with all relevant stakeholders to optimize service delivery and ensure clients and staff are supported. This role involves on-site supervision at the COVID Recovery Site, with the possibility of work after hours and on weekends, and with some provision of 24/7 availability of managerial phone support.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Participates in the recruitment, onboarding, scheduling, training, performance assessment of nurses to join the ICHA clinical team
  • Ensures staffing matches the daily client census and ensures scheduling is responsive to changes in census
  • Supports the charge nurses to manage day-to-day care, emergencies, census fluctuations and performance management
  • Collaborates with ICHA Director of Clinical Services in the identification and remediation of performance issues when necessary and in a timely manner.
  • Is responsible for overall quality of care by offering technical and operational support to nurses and acts as an expert resource for issues related to nursing and clinical care.
  • Supports ongoing competency development of nurses to support capacity-building and continuous quality improvement, whenever possible.
  • Supports and mentors nurses to provide holistic, client-centred care by:
    • Performing individual client intake assessments (physical, emotional and psychological) in collaboration with ICHA MD including client history, recording of baseline vitals, and risk assessment)
    • Providing nursing care and treatment through pharmacological, and/or counseling interventions to individuals presenting with complex health needs, including (often previously untreated) wounds, skin disorders, infectious diseases and mental health and substance use issues.
  • Provides expert guidance to nurses in assessing, intervening and monitoring clients presenting with urgent clinical issues, including identification of patients in need of transfer to hospital in collaboration with ICHA MD.
  • Participates in the development of medical directives and clinical policies, in collaboration with the ICHA Medical Directors, ICHA MDs and ICHA Director of Clinical Services.
  • Is responsible for the practical implementation of relevant medical directives and supports nurses to ensure their practice is congruent with College of Nurses of Ontario Standards of Practice
  • In collaboration with all relevant stakeholders, optimize service delivery and supports nurses to provide ongoing mental health assessment and harm reduction supports within a holistic interprofessional model of care delivery.
  • Provides expert guidance and training on medication administration and documentation as per College of Nurses of Ontario Standards of Practice, including documenting via EMR (i.e. OSCAR) where available.
  • Leads the development of nursing role descriptions, care planning documents, protocols, policies and procedures to support effective care delivery processes and on-site operations.
  • Monitors outcomes of care delivery to ensure gaps in service delivery are promptly addressed where necessary.
  • Ensures incident reports are completed in a timely manner and plans appropriate follow-up whenever necessary and appropriate.
  • Role models effective collaboration with clients, MDs and other interprofessional team members to support the development of appropriate, client-centred, individualized care plans.
  • Supports nurses to engage in risk factor and health problem identification, goal setting and determination of interventions for disease treatment, prevention and health promotion.
  • Actively participates in clinical huddles and team rounds and operational readiness planning meetings.
  • In collaboration with ICHA Director of Operations, Director of Clinical Services and Occupational Health Nurse Manager organizes the work, identifies workplace hazards, addresses the health and safety concerns of staff nurses and ensures that the work is performed in a manner consistent with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and its regulations.


  • A Bachelor of Science in Nursing or equivalent, minimum 5 years of prior nursing experience
  • Current Registration and member in good standing with the College of Nurses of Ontario as a Registered Nurse with no restrictions
  • Current RNAO membership and evidence of liability insurance
  • Current CPR certification, sound knowledge of BCLS procedures and protocols
  • Experience in program development for innovative programs designed to meet emergent healthcare needs (i.e. pandemic planning, disaster response, field deployments and the like)
  • Experience in harm reduction, supervised consumption/overdose prevention services is considered an asset
  • Experience working with individuals and families experiencing homelessness and/or those who face structural vulnerabilities, systemic oppression and marginalization preferred
  • Experience working with clients who use substances and who have serious and persistent mental illness and/or other vulnerabilities
  • Knowledge and a demonstrated ability to provide nursing care in community health, primary care and/or public health settings or equivalent relevant expertise
  • Willingness to work from a harm-reduction and anti-oppression, trauma-informed framework
  • Knowledge of and commitment to client-centred philosophy of care delivery
  • Open minded, non-judgmental with a commitment to upholding the rights and dignity of all people and respecting their diversity, including clients and interdisciplinary team colleagues
  • Knowledge and proficiency in current, evidenced-based methods and practices in health care delivery, with an emphasis on mental health, health promotion and risk management/reduction
  • A sound understanding of and commitment to the Social Determinants of Health, and the ability to effectively participate in the efforts of an interdisciplinary team to contribute to comprehensive health care
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills, including teaching experience and pedagogical competencies
  • Has the knowledge, experience and training to organize the work set out above in a manner consistent with Occupational Health and Safety Act and its regulations
  • Knowledge and experience in the application of electronic medical records (EMR).
  • Ability to be on-site at COVID Recovery Hotel program to support and supervise care delivery

If you are interested to apply for the position, please send your cover letter and resume to before Friday, November 27th @ 5pm.