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  • 5 Key Benefits of Being a Registered Nurse in Canada

    • Oct 18, 2018
    • Rebecca Smith
    Debating a career in the medical field? From salary to job stability, learn about the many benefits of being a registered nurse in Canada.
  • Want to Start a Bloody Nursing Career? A Phlebotomist Overview

    • Oct 9, 2018
    • Rebecca Smith
    Do you want to work with blood? Become a phlebotomist! Here's an overview of this position.
  • The Ultimate Guide on How to Start a Nursing Staffing Agency

    • Sep 21, 2018
    Are you thinking about starting a nursing staffing agency, but don't know how to? Read this ultimate guide to starting a nursing staffing agency.
  • A Canadian's Guide to the Different Types of Nurses

    • Sep 21, 2018
    If you live in Canada and are thinking of becoming a nurse, then you need to check out this helpful guide. Explore the different types of nurses here.
  • 7 Nursing Interview Tips To Help You Land Your Dream Job

    • Jul 24, 2018
    Have you graduated with your RN license? With the demand for nursing jobs on the rise, you need to be ready. Here are 7 nursing interview tips.
  • Nursing Professionalism

    • Jun 4, 2018
    Professionalism brings tremendous value to the nursing profession. Maintaining professionalism on the job is also crucial to the success of your nu...
  • Career Resources

    • Jun 4, 2018
    Becoming a super nurse is one thing. Selling yourself as a super nurse to the right employer is a whole other thing. Career planning and self-promo...