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Volunteer Opportunities: Be an RNAO nurse ambassador

Published on: Mar 5, 2019
Be an RNAO nurse ambassador

Get others excited about nursing! You can be a nurse ambassador through the Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario’s Nurse Ambassador program. The Nurse Ambassador Program is a volunteer initiative consisting of nurses (and student nurses) across Ontario who donate their time, knowledge and experience by talking about the nursing profession at various community events and speaking engagements in schools. Audiences range in education from grade 7 and high school students to mature students.

Nurse Ambassadors assist and prepare those who are considering nursing as career while spreading information about the nursing profession.

A Nurse Ambassador’s responsibilities include:

  • To seek, create, and coordinate opportunities to promote nursing as a career.
  • To be a nursing career resource to their community educational facilities.
  • To nurture a progressive attitude toward the profession through networking with other health professionals in their organizations and informing them of the program.
  • To develop and mentor student volunteers who would promote and support nursing as a career choice.
  • To provide RNAO with ongoing regular formal and informal feedback about their activities.

Learn more about the exciting opportunity to be an Nurse Ambassador.