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Nursing Career Spotlight: Carol Holtzer, RN

Written by: Carol Holtzer, RN
Published on: Dec 15, 2022

Carol Holtzer
Carol Holtzer, RN

Nurses connected to the Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario (RNAO) share insights, knowledge and expertise about career opportunities, growth and development. Today we hear from Carol Holtzer.

I am currently retired from active nursing as of March 2022. I sit on the board of our company so that I continue to be aware of and a part of the delivery of care. My career was primarily in hemodialysis.

What stage of your nursing career are you in?


What is your CNO registration class?


Which chapter do you belong to?

Region 6 - Toronto West.

What made you decide to choose nursing as a career path?

I wanted a life skill that would allow me knowledge that could be used throughout my life and in other countries.

What made you choose your specialty in nursing?

My specialty was hemodialysis. The first time I saw it in the '70s I was fascinated by the technology, which looking at it today was archaic. I liked the idea of something totally different that involved equipment. I also liked the idea of working closely with medicine as it was a delegated medical act at this time.

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

Opening an IHF for hemodialysis in the community that is nursing focused. I strongly believe in nurses’ ability to make a profound change in how chronic disease and particularly dialysis patients view themselves. I also found that nurses that worked with us grew into this model and were very grateful to work in a respectful environment.

What do you consider a challenge you’ve faced in your career? How did you overcome it?

The greatest challenge I faced was believing in myself and then getting others to believe in the vision as well. This took many years of patience and very hard work for other to see the value in our model of care.

What advice would you offer a new nurse just beginning their career?

Nursing is a very rewarding yet challenging career and has many career paths. Keep looking for the area that interests you and offers you the respect you deserve.

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