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How COVID-19 affects your job search and what you can do

It’s hard to know how long the current situation will last and what the impact on hiring will be in the immediate future. Healthcare will obviously be impacted in a different way from other industries.

Since you may see some temporary changes in the frequency and types of roles available, it is best to ensure you’re ready for when Employers need to hire staff to fill open positions. So, what is important right now is to continue with your job search activities. Make sure to stay engaged with your network. You want to continue to communicate your strengths and goals, so that you remain front of mind as job opportunities become available.

Here are ideas on how you can keep your search going:

Sign up for job alerts

Make sure to sign up for job alerts so you are aware of new job vacancies. The slowdown will affect healthcare and some positions will need to be filled immediately as well as down the road.

Update your profile and resume.

Take this opportunity to create a career center profile that highlights your skills so that employers can find you. Review and refresh your resume. Add new positions, update previous roles. Showcase your cross-functional capabilities.

Prepare for video interviews

Expect more interviewing to take place via video. Make sure you have a workspace background that is clean and uncluttered with appropriate lighting. Record yourself practicing so that you can find the right camera height and angle. Positioning your camera too low can create an imposing impression and too close can seem overly intrusive.

We are here to support you in your job search efforts.

We are here to support you in your job search efforts. Search currently available jobs here.