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Essential Tips for Jobseekers

Want to leverage yourself in the ever competing Nursing field? Impress employers by following these important job seeking tips:


More means more – Fill in as many skills as you can when creating your online jobseeker profile to increase the number of job opportunities you receive, as well as to ensure that those jobs are relevant.

Keywords are key – RNCareers offers a list of pre-determined skills to select when creating your profile. You can also highlight specific abilities and skills by including them in your resume. Many employers use keywords to search the resume database for their ideal candidate. By carefully using notable keywords in your profile and resume, employers will be able to find you easily.

Set up a Job Alert – Set up a job alert to reduce the time you spend searching job sites. A job alert automatically searches for new job postings based on your defined criteria and emails them to you.

Be selective – When creating your online job profile, be sure to select the job titles that most closely pertain to the field or industry you wish to work in. You can always list your full and detailed career history in your resume.

Don’t go back and forth – Eliminate the frustration of having to refill your profile pages repeatedly by avoiding the “Back” and “Forward” buttons on the navigation bar of your web browser.

Keep it private – If you are searching for new employment while still employed, you may want to choose the “private” or “confidential” option when posting your resume online. This will suppress your personal information and keep your identity anonymous to recruiters.

Go the distance – When you are creating your online profile, select all locations that you would consider working in. This will make your profile visible to all recruiters in these areas, and allow them to consider you for non-local jobs.

Multiple personalities – Create additional profiles and increase your competition for more jobs in your desired industry. For example, if you pursuing a job as an RN or NP but also open to management positions, you might create two profiles that cater to the skills of each position and name them differently.

Stay on top – Update your resume regularly so it stays current. Not only is this a good habit, it also indicates that you are an active job seeker and keeps your resume near the top of a recruiter’s list of eligible candidates.

Stay active – Visit RNCareers often and be sure to log in to keep your account profile active. If you have not logged in, the system will send you an email reminder prompting you to update your account.

Google yourself – When looking for a job, Google yourself and see what comes up. You know that employers will be researching you. Ninety-one percent of employers surveyed admit to screening candidates on social networking sites. So, you can assume that employers are reading your info and looking at posts on your Facebook, Twitter, and other social websites. If your privacy status is set to public, make sure that what you’re publishing is professional. You don't want to give potential employers a negative opinion of you before you even meet.