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Employer Tips

UPDATED JANUARY 17, 2023: We are constantly updating the resources on this page, so please take time to check out the links and get all the information you need to source your next great opportunity.

If you are an employer using, consider the following tips for optimal site use!


Creating the ad

  • You can create and save job posts that you want to send live at a future date. Simply enter your preferred start date of the job ad in the “Posting Date” field when creating your job posting, and fill in the date on which you’d like your job to appear on the site.
  • You can manage your job postings by adding an internal tracking code in the labeled field. This code will be added to the beginning of the internal reference number of all jobs that you post.
  • You can broaden or narrow your candidate search by choosing specific job location details. To narrow your candidate search, choose the city option, or broaden your search by choosing the “national” option.
  • Adding an optional maximum salary in the “pay details” section will work as a filter when collecting your candidates. To gather a large number of candidates on our A-list, choose a high ceiling for your salary.


Account display

  • All job postings displayed in your account will be marked as either “In-progress”, “Pending”, “Open” (live) or “Expired/On Hold”.
  • To review applicants that have applied to your posting, click on the hyperlinked “A” or “B” link. Once you have selected a list to view, you can view individual applicants by clicking on their name.
  • Use the “Route” button to send selected candidate information to your colleagues.
  • You can contact applicants for other jobs that might be suited to them by using the “Send Email” link. An email will be generated and sent through the system, so you will not have to contact the candidate directly.


Good luck in finding outstanding candidates through!