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Royal Victoia Regional Health Centre

Manager, Operating Room and MDRD #6911



Company Information

The ROYAL VICTORIA REGIONAL HEALTH CENTRE, proud recipient of the Healthy Hospital Innovators Award, is a state-of-the-art, 500,000 square-foot facility located in Barrie, Ontario, one of the fastest growing cities in Canada. Our team of over 250 skilled physicians, 2155 caring staff members, and 1,100 dedicated volunteers provides outstanding healthcare specializing in Cancer Care, Surgical Care, Critical/Emergency Care, Medical Care, Mental Health as well as Women and Children’s programs. Annually the RVH admits more than 15,500 patients, delivers more than 2300 babies and handles more than 80,000 visits to the Emergency Room.

Job Description

The OR Manager oversees the delivery of patient services in his/her department including safe, quality patient care and efficient patient flow.  The OR Manager prepares budgets and manages department resources.  The OR Manager develops a human resource plan for the department and provides effective leadership for the people in the department. The OR manager will also be responsible for the Medical Device Reprocessing Department (MDRD) and the OR Booking Office
The OR Manager also contributes to Progam planning and operations, as well as participating in hospital-wide initiatives.

Responsibilities Include:

A. Patient Care Management: 
  • Accountable to the standards of RHPA.
  • Ensures patient safety in the department/unit.  Ensures a safe environment.  Monitors patient safety indicators.  Investigates incidents related to patient safety.  Promotes a culture of safety where near-misses are examined as an opportuntiy for improvement. Models both a responsible attitude and behaviour to promote patient safety. Identifies patient care risks and creates a risk management plan.
  • Monitors the quality of patient care through direct contact and observation, review of documentation and evaluation of the outcomes of care. Takes corrective action if necessary and works to ensure positive outcomes.
  • Works with Professional Practice to ensure that the care given in the clinical setting is consistent with the vision, mission and values of the Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre and meets the standands of the College of Nurses of Ontario or other allied health professional Colleges.  Supports interprofessional collaboration and teamwork.
  • Recognizes opportunites for improvement and ensures problems are addressed. Organizes a robust unit-based Quality/Practice Council to involve staff in continuous quality improvement.
  • Develops policies and procedures for the department. Ensures standards of nursing care for the nursing unit.
  • Selects and supports a patient care delivery system in conjunction with Professional Practice i.e. team nursing, primary nursing, or total patient care as followed on designated units.
  • Develops, monitors, and evaluates activity indicators which reflect patient and staffing needs.
  • Is the link with physicians and other patient care services throughout the health centre.
  • Promotes and encourages communication between patient, family, and interprofessional health care team. Ensures patient teaching, including health promotion and illness prevention aspects.
 B. Patient Flow Management: 
  • Accountable for overall patient flow through the department/unit (input, throughput and output).
  • Ensures timely acceptance of patients to unit/department.
  • Ensures sufficient resources and staff to meet patient care demands.
  • Acts as an effective liaison with service departments such as Environmental Services to reduce barriers to patient flow.
  • Monitors daily reports related to patient flow and bed utilization, eg. 24 hour report.
  • Requests and reviews data/reports about patient flow in department/unit and takes corrective action when required.
  • Supports interdisciplinary team to ensure Bullet Rounds/Daily Communication occurs as per department/unit requirements.
  • Liaises with other Managers of patient care areas to ensure good movement of patients throughout the health centre.
  • Participates in bed meetings.  Contributes to daily hospital-wide bed management plans.
  • Communicates with HSL to ensure 24 hour patient flow on unit/department.
  • Identifies situations in department/unit which present barriers to daily patient flow.
  • Ensures effective plans are in place for patients exceeding EDD in collaboration with interdisciplinary team.
  • Displays leadership in removing barriers to patient flow in unit/department.
  • Liaises with external providers to remove barriers to discharge, eg. CCAC.
  • Works with Patient Flow Leader re: eliminating systemic barriers to flow.
 C. Human Resource Management: 
  • Establishes a safe workplace for staff, ensuring staff have the necessary training and required equipment to do their jobs.
  • Provides leadership for the patient care team.  Demonstrates role modelling of desired attributes and uses effective coaching with staff.
  • Ensures open respectful communication.  Responsible for the ongoing development of the patient care team to build a strong, effective, cohesive team in collaboration with Professional Practice.
  • Collaborates with Professional Practice and Human Resources to plan, coordinate and assesse unit orientation.
  • Reviews role expectations with unit staff and monitors performance related to these expectations.
  • Assists the staff in setting individual objectives and goals, based upon individualized learning needs.  Participates in ongoing evaluation of their progress.  These goals will be consistent with unit and departmental goals.
  • Collaborates in planning, coordinating and evaluating educational programs.
  • Provides staff with appropriate opportunities for developing leadership, problem solving and decision-making skills.
  • Supports a learning environment.
  • Strives to improve the quality of working life on the unit.
  • Recognizes and supports professional accountability of professional staff members.
  • Provides accurate daily staffing complement based on acuity levels.
  • Responsible for recruitment, selection, evaluation, dismissal, and promotion of staff.
  • Monitors patterns of illness, absenteeism and turnover and take appropriate action.
  • Supports all relevant policies, procedures and collective agreements.
  • Conducts regular written performance appraisals as required while promoting self evaluation of staff.
  • Participates in grievance procedures as well as other disciplinary processes.
  • Familiar with the Human Rights Code, Employment Standards Act, the Public Hospital Acts and other relevant legislation.
  • Ensures that all staff are competent to perform mandatory acts specific to their position.
  • Ensures that all Regulated Health Professionals that report to them meet registration deadlines in accordance with their college.
  D. Financial Management: 
  • Prepares, submits and administers both capital and operating budgets based on the interpretaion of statistical information, projections and relevant unit activity.
  • Monitors and manages the unit budget and is accountable for submitting financial reports and explanations of variances.
  • Encourages fiscal responsibility by all staff.
  • Responsible for ensuring adequate supplies and equipment on unit.
  • Participates in evaluation of new products.
 E. Program Support: 
  • Supports program management.
  • Assists with program planning.  Assesses the need for resources based on management information which includes workload measurement, productivity reports, patient acuity data and finanaical reports.
  • Collaborates with other managers, directors and staff to develop short and long term plans for the unit, the program and the hospital.
  • Promotes change and supports staff through stages of change.
 F. Hospital Support 
  • Participates on regional and hospital based committes, task forces and working groups applicable to area of practice.
Job Qualifications:
  1. Current Certificate of Competence from the College of Nurses of Ontario or Current registration with other applicable regulated health professional College of Ontario.
  2. Current Certificate in Perioperative Nursing
  3. Baccalaureate preparation in a health related field essential.
  4. Central Service Association of Ontario (CSAO) medical device sterilization certificate preferred (mandatory completion during probation period if candidate does not have during hire).
  5. Master's preparation in a health related field preferred.
  1. 3 - 5 years current progressive experience in an acute care setting
  2. Previous management experience essential
  1. Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively.  Demonstrated excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  2. Strong interpersonal skills.
  3. Collaborates and communicates with various members of the interprofessional health care team to ensure quality patient care both in the hospital and the community.
  4. Project Management skills
  5. Leadership ability
  6. Planning skills
  7. Problem Solving ability
  8. Change management expertise
  9. Commitment to growth and development of self and others.
  10. Demonstrated professionalism.
  11. Demonstrated commitment to improving patient flow throughout the facility.
  12. Financial management expertise
  13. Statistical analysis skills
  1. Working knowledge of computer, Microsoft Office and Outlook applications.
  2. Working knowledge and understanding of Patient Information systems (i.e. Meditech).
  3. Working knowledge and understanding of Financial Management systems.
  4. Working knowledge and understanding of Workload Measurement Systems (i.e. GRASP).
  5. Financial Management - Education and training.
  6. Leadership training.
  7. Ability to learn about, from and with other members of the patient care team to foster a strong interprofessional model of care.

*Applications accepted only via, click on RVH Career Opportunities and search for Requisition #6911.*

Contact Information

Royal Victoia Regional Health Centre
Shawna Lubrick
Posting Date: 30-May-2017Medical/Healthcare Permanent, Full-Time Open 1 ASAP
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